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How Much the Price for a Website?

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Sometimes we have confused to create and have a website and we often think about, “Is this too expensive?”, “Wow, so cheap! Is it good?”, “How much I must give a quotation for this website?”. All of questions sometimes coming from the people who is wanting to have a website or even from the novice web developer.

To create a website today is actually quite cheap and easy. But we must exactly understand what makes a website is valuable and useful. There are also websites that are categorized expensive, does this mean too expensive. Well not yet. Websites can be created depending on the needs of the owner of the website.

Is there any free website for us? Yes, but usually such a website is highly dependent on the provider of the website features. For example, we cannot change the name of the website to be unique as we want, a very limited capacity, even there is some ads installed on our website. If you want your website look more professional and premium, certainly do not expect the feature for a free website to make it.

In this article we will discuss about what components are required to create a website, so that we can know better how to maximize and bring a value for the website to be created.

The Website Name / Domain

The website name / domain is a unique name that can be called as an address for our website. The function is same with home address, only has one address for each house, if we find 2 / more exactly has same address, it will be the negligence of local government. :). But surely, the website address is a unique name.

If unique that means we can create a website name / domain as we want? The answer is ‘Yes’, as long as the name is not owned by others. As has been said above, the website name is unique, so if there are other people who have it before us, we cannot have it. If the name was already owned by someone else, and we still want to have it, we have to buy it. Price? Of course the price will depend on offering from the owners.

How about the price for the domain that not owned by someone else? The price is relative chep, that is around Rp, 150,000 for a year.

To check the availability of the domain that we want is a great deal on the internet. Usually we can check, buy a name and can also directly buy hosting (this will be discussed after this section).

This below is one of the website from Indonesia, which support the services.
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Web Hosting

If we call domain as an address so hosting is a house where we shelter and put the furnitures.

The function of web hosting is like a hard disk or other media storage. Web hosting is used to save database that used for our website and has a limited storage memory. The storage capacity using the same units as the hard disk or other storage medium. The data usually used for a website application and data like images, video, text, etc.

What is the price required for web hosting? If you need a web hosting only for a company profile or online stores with products less than 100 products, is usually enough to subscribe to hosting at a price of Rp. 350,000 / year.

Note also for servers used by hosting providers. Try the one for ‘googling’ hosting service provider who does have a good track record.

This below is one of the website from Indonesia, which support the services.
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Design, Development and Implementation

Website creation cannot be separated from design, development and implementation. In this stage we require people who have a special ability (not a mutant). People who do have the background to create a website with special skills. This guy professionals.

Price of this section is the most difficult to predict, because it relates to assessment rates of the owner of such skill, both individuals and web development company.

If I may give you an estimate, maybe the price around 1 million rupiah to provide the design draft per page. For the development and implementation may be in the range of 1 – 9 million rupiah. This is an estimation price for the services provided by the individual person and for a simple website. Maybe the price of the web development company will be more expensive, because the company may be more assured about their professionalism. That is not meant to underestimate personal services, more of personal services that could have been more professional than the company.

That price above is just an estimation and may change depending on the features requirement and implemented on our website. It could be the website price reaches tens of millions or even hundreds of millions.

Remember, this is the part that will be enjoyed by visitors of our website. So the professionalism of our website is determined by how well the website looks and useful for our visitor that we target.

Internet Marketing


Actually, the three points above is enough to create a website and does not need this section. But today the competition in the digital world is increasingly fierce. And to create our website well known and easily searchable, we need the services of internet marketing to raise the rating of our website. The services are called “SEO”, “SEM”, “SMO”, “SMM”. How about the cost? It costs around Rp. 500K – Rp. 5M / keyword. Wow!

Yes, this section has an important role in the digital world makes online store owners told that their biggest sales come from Search Engine Optimization & Marketing and Social Media Optimization & Marketing.

So, How about the price?

The price described above is just a bit estimation for a website. We could have a website without paying any money, but we need the ability in the field. And the price of the website service / development is not fixed and negotiable, once again, like mentioned before that is depends on the assessment rate of the owner of such skill and also the decision of whether we as service buyers appreciate the skill of the owner.

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How to Reach Customers in the Digital Era

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Is it easy to market products / services to get customers today? We have a lot of TV channels, radio, newspapers and magazines to our marketing. Would be ‘easy’ if we were able craft a compelling words and persuasive in the media.

Nowadays, technology is developing very rapidly. Websites, apps, social media commonly as digital media many use as marketing tools these days and this marketing tools have a significant impact on marketing and sales. Marketing was never easy, but the technology makes it more powerful and expand your marketing reach.

Today’s costomers are savvy, familiar with technology. Thats why, nowadays digital media has integral role in digital marketing. With digital media technology makes it possible to build and enhance your brand for a product or service by creating value instead of just talking about sales.

How do we describe the needs and communicate the benefits to provide in-depth experience and engaging customers in this digital era. It also means that we as marketers needs to develop the ability and skills to face this digital era technology.

1. Clarify Your Business Goals

Focus on our business goals make us easier to identify our company and determine which digital media become our target to develop our brand. Website, in my opinion, is the most important media that we must have, this will become one of your company identity.

With clarify our business goals, we can specify the keywords that we use to improve the rating of our company in the digital world.

2. Create Innovation Team to Identify, Evaluate and Create Opportunity

In the digital world, we need people who are creative and have the ability and passion on that, form a “EXCLUSIVE TEAMS”. The team is very helpful in terms of what is becoming a trend in the digital world now, seeing how successful digital marketing and creating new innovations that make opportunities to grow the business even become trendsetters.

3. Decouple Strategy and Innovation

This section is also very important, distinguish the creative ideas and implementation to achieve the targets. Give part of the innovation to think about many things and give a mindset that considers all creative ideas are possible.

4. Build Assets in the Marketplace

Nowadays, too many social media that can be used and also the techniques in the digital world. We can be active and close to the customers with social media, but it should be noted about business goals and target market. For example: if we move in the recruitment industry, often we use social media LinkedIn and I think will not fit if we use Instagram.

By having a website, we can make it easier to recognize in the ‘marketplace’. We can also do a blast email to members, and give every update through newsletters. We can also put up ads on well-known websites.

Is it easy to get customers in the digital age? Of course, all depends on how serious you are in running a business and certainly, technology will not wait for you. As long as we had the opportunity to be assisted through technology to the marketing, take the advantage, but we need to be closer to the technology. Ability and skill is something that can be cultivated and developed as long as we have a passion.

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Why Your Business Needs a Professional Website?

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Like many companies / businesses assume that their business does not benefit or have significant improvement with a website even think this website will make their budget is increasing. There also are thinking because they rarely or never use a computer as well as their potential customers. These are misconceptions.

We give you some reasons why our company / business needs professional website, no matter what kind of our company / business.

1. Website “NEVER SLEEP”

Sometimes when we browsing we don’t concern with time, even many people surfing at the internet on evening while many companies and business are not physically active at that time. Especially now, mobile phone and tablet become primary needs. With Website we have a staff who work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Website never ‘leave’ or ‘break’.

2. Your Top Competitior “SURELY” has a website. “Google It!”

Nowadays, we can surely find everything we need on the internet. Just googling it. Are you definitely sure the products or services that you provide doesn’t have competitor on the internet? That can be possible, if we sell estate on “Venus” or provide delivery service package to “Heaven”. You will become the only one.

3. Corporate Image & Customer Confidence will improve “RANK”

With our Professional Websites for our company / business, we will bring the good impression to the public. And that will improve confidence from our customer to us. These days, we can easily find the positive and negative response on the internet. If we have a good track record corporate image and testimonial from our customer, it will make our corporate / business go to the next level.

4. Our Customer will be “WIDER”

The Website will make our customers increase significantly. Humans sometimes might be feeling overwhelmed to promote our company to the customer. But we have ‘SUPER STAFF’ continually promote to customers whenever they come. Even no matter how much customers are coming . Maybe your staff will be obese because too much sitting and just waiting for customers coming because your super staff.

5. “GO Internasional”

Usually it takes hard work to make our company’s status became known to overseas ( How can our corporate can be famous especially to overseas ). With the website, we no need to worry, we can easily ‘Go International’. Surely we should be ready with the language skills that are provided on our website.

6. “UP-TO-DATE” Customers

Think! We can make a website to share the latest information. ONLINE Marketing brochures and Press Release. Our customers will always be updated with our company. Ex: by sending a ‘newsletter’ whenever there is new information.

7. “SHOWCASE” for our works

If we are a company that has a long standing and has been doing a lot of work, it will difficult to document and put them on display. Surely it took a lot of space. But with the website, that can be ‘SHOWCASE’ for our works.

8. “ALWAYS ANSWER” Customer Service

Sometimes there are some common questions asked to our company. As a professional company, we have to answer these questions, even though sometimes boring and repetition. The website can provide a good solution for this, we could have a ‘Customer Service’ is never tired to answer. By providing the ‘FAQ (Frequent Ask Questions)’ page, the general questions and frequently asked will be answer our customers.

9. “EXCLUSIVE” email

There is a lot of leading email service for companies or individuals such as yahoo mail, gmail and others. But with the website, we can have an email with the domain name of our company, that is meant to make our company email address become more professional and easy to remember. Ex:

10. “FOCUS” to the market

Right! We can classify our user / customer on our website. We can watch the user habit and what are they doing usually when they surfing to our website. And we can more focus on what is the effective things that we should do to our marketplace.

11. “DO My OWN WAY” business

Might be this is the most enjoyable to manage a company. There are some specific requirements when we do the conventional business. Sometimes make an appointment with our customers / client is not easy. How to deal with customers who may sometimes doesn’t fit with our way of doing business. But with the website, we are free to do with ‘OUR WAY’.

12. Beat the “GIANT” & the “BUILDING”

Many companies that become our competitors are big corporations that had stood since long and have a great building. Who physically looks more classy than our company. Website destroy ‘THE WALL’ which makes us look small with our competitors. The website makes it look similar, we could even become a more professional look because we have a website, of course, with a good view and professional site and do not forget the good service and responsiveness for our customers.

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