How to Reach Customers in the Digital Era

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Is it easy to market products / services to get customers today? We have a lot of TV channels, radio, newspapers and magazines to our marketing. Would be ‘easy’ if we were able craft a compelling words and persuasive in the media.

Nowadays, technology is developing very rapidly. Websites, apps, social media commonly as digital media many use as marketing tools these days and this marketing tools have a significant impact on marketing and sales. Marketing was never easy, but the technology makes it more powerful and expand your marketing reach.

Today’s costomers are savvy, familiar with technology. Thats why, nowadays digital media has integral role in digital marketing. With digital media technology makes it possible to build and enhance your brand for a product or service by creating value instead of just talking about sales.

How do we describe the needs and communicate the benefits to provide in-depth experience and engaging customers in this digital era. It also means that we as marketers needs to develop the ability and skills to face this digital era technology.

1. Clarify Your Business Goals

Focus on our business goals make us easier to identify our company and determine which digital media become our target to develop our brand. Website, in my opinion, is the most important media that we must have, this will become one of your company identity.

With clarify our business goals, we can specify the keywords that we use to improve the rating of our company in the digital world.

2. Create Innovation Team to Identify, Evaluate and Create Opportunity

In the digital world, we need people who are creative and have the ability and passion on that, form a “EXCLUSIVE TEAMS”. The team is very helpful in terms of what is becoming a trend in the digital world now, seeing how successful digital marketing and creating new innovations that make opportunities to grow the business even become trendsetters.

3. Decouple Strategy and Innovation

This section is also very important, distinguish the creative ideas and implementation to achieve the targets. Give part of the innovation to think about many things and give a mindset that considers all creative ideas are possible.

4. Build Assets in the Marketplace

Nowadays, too many social media that can be used and also the techniques in the digital world. We can be active and close to the customers with social media, but it should be noted about business goals and target market. For example: if we move in the recruitment industry, often we use social media LinkedIn and I think will not fit if we use Instagram.

By having a website, we can make it easier to recognize in the ‘marketplace’. We can also do a blast email to members, and give every update through newsletters. We can also put up ads on well-known websites.

Is it easy to get customers in the digital age? Of course, all depends on how serious you are in running a business and certainly, technology will not wait for you. As long as we had the opportunity to be assisted through technology to the marketing, take the advantage, but we need to be closer to the technology. Ability and skill is something that can be cultivated and developed as long as we have a passion.

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